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Constructed in 2017, 14 Cannons is a production brewery and showroom.
It showcases the industry’s leading vendors while also producing beer by award winning brewer Nic Bortolin. It’s the ideal training ground for any craft beer enthusiast looking to build a brewery.

Marshall Haraden is the builder and owner of 14 Cannons Brewery and Showroom. The name 14 Cannons is a tribute to his great, great, great, great uncle, Jonathan Haraden who captained the American war ship Tyrannicide in 1777. The ship was part of the Massachusetts State Navy fleet and was armed with 14 Cannons.

The showroom is a working operational teaching facility for brewers and novices alike. It features top of the line equipment from Premier Stainless, Microbrew Water, ProBrew, Blome Tile, Airgas, Pro Chiller, Keg Credit, and GF Piping System.

The Marshall Group built 14 Cannons to make building a brewery a turnkey experience. From testing out equipment to tasting brews produced on site, potential builders are invited to learn how to build a brewery.

Since 1984 The Marshall Group has provided an unsurpassed quality of work; constructing over 300 commercial projects including restaurants and breweries throughout the Southwestern United States. Licensed in ten of western United States, The Marshall Group specializes in the construction of brewery, restaurant, hotel, retail, spa/salon, industrial, entertainment, resort, and health care industry projects from conception to completion.

14 Cannons by the numbers

Jonathan Haraden boards the Tyrannicide on July 8, 1776.
The Tyrannicide had 14 cannons on board.
Captain Haraden died in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1803.
The Tyrannicide ship carried a crew of 75 men.
Please drink responsibly.
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Fax: (818) 597-3215
31125 Via Colinas Suite 907
Westlake Village, CA 91362
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