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iPad Tips and Tricks 2022 Tips Every User Should Know

You can find everything you need in an Apple phone, starting with phone recording and ending with advanced fitness apps. Let's take a closer look at the tricks that we can use for our devices.

Spotlight Tricks

1) Now one of the weird things that Apple does is not putting a calculator app on the iPad. we have one on the Apple Watch then why not on the iPad.

But you don’t need to install one from the app store. because you can do all the calculations directly from the spotlight search.

So open the spotlight search and just basically type any number that you want and you can go ahead and calculate anything that you want and of course, you will see the result immediately.

2) Now when you’re searching for something on the spotlight search on iPad OS 13 then you will have the ability to peek at the results that the spotlight will give you without opening them.

So you can go ahead and 3d touch on any result that you want to peek and you can peek into that. so that’s really really awesome you can see all the results just 3d touch on them and you will be able to preview them directly from the spotlight search.

Files App Tricks

3) You can also change the files view on the files app. just go to one of your folders and swipe down like I have shown GIF below and it will show you a bar that gives you the option to create a new folder and also you can rearrange your files based on size, date, name and all that and also, you will have different views which you can use.

You will have the gallery view, you have this list view with all the details which look really really awesome. so you will have a bunch of like different layouts that you can choose for your files app.

4) On the files app, if you want to select files then you can do that quickly simply by tapping with two fingers on one of the files.

You don’t have to tap select at the top, just tap with two fingers on a file and then you can just drag your two fingers to select all the files you want.

5) You can easily move files on the files app simply by dragging them. so you don’t need to cut a file or copy a file and go into the folder or paste it just tap and drag it into the folder.

Other Tricks

6) With iPad OS 13, Apple has added a new feature to the dock. now, you will have your favorite apps and your recent apps on the dock.

But what if you want to remove any of the recent apps from the dock. just 3d touch on the app and all you gotta do is just tap on the hide to remove the app.

7) Now, there is a very cool feature on iOS when you do 3d touch or basically just tap and hold the spacebar to move the cursor anywhere you want on a text.

But with iPad OS 13 all you gotta do is just tap with two fingers on the screen where you have the cursor and you will be able to move it anywhere you want on the text.

Of course, these all the tricks will make your work easy and save your time and if your friend or family member using iPad OS 13 and they don’t know about these tips & tricks then share this article with them also please don’t forget to visit daily on this website for more articles.

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